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When it comes to Mathare Slum, until you see it, smell it and feel it you cannot really know it or understand the plight of the people who call Mathare home. There are children with hopes and dreams who reside in this place. Children who want more than anything to forge a future outside of Mathare and we’d love for you to meet them. Travel with us to Nairobi and tour Mathare, meet the pastors of Grace End Times Church and the teachers at the MCEDO school and of course, meet the children. Meet the children who are currently attending a secondary boarding school outside of Mathare because they are recipients of a LAMB scholarship. Meet the students who have graduated from secondary boarding school and are now attending university, junior college and trade school because they were recipients of a LAMB scholarship. And meet the students who are still hoping and dreaming about being awarded a LAMB scholarship and a chance at secondary boarding school. If you are interested in joining us and seeing firsthand how God is using LAMB in Mathare, please download the attached trip application or contact us.

Kenya Application Packet 2024

children in slum